Thursday, March 14, 2013

Music tied to games

So the new Army Of Two is just around the corner, personally i enjoyed the previous two for the solid coop play in them, flawed as they might be.
And their latest marketing strategy has been to team up with Big Boi and B.o.B to make a rap music video, this makes me consider the Def Jam effect where the game became less and less about the gameplay and more about the rap and\or rap artists.

There are some cool names attached to this project like Joe Flanigan, Zack Ward (my personal favourite b-movie actor of all time) and Benito Martinez, yet here we are, i realize people who enjoy rap music (listening to lauryn hill - everything is everything while writing this) might not see my point here, my point is whenever in history music has been mixed into games that are not rythm based, it has produced some godawful franchises or ruined existing series.

Like i said before, Def Jam series, used to be an epic brawler, heavily rap influenced to be sure, but it was never about the music, it was about the fun core gameplay and over the top moves you could do in the fights, hell, in the second in the series, Def Jam : Fight For New York, there was a big focus on making your own fighter with special moves and all.

Before :

After :

My point is, do we really want a music genre or artists to influence how we view our games or how the games themselves play out?
I dont think theres a clear answer, i think with the right game and the right artist it may even make the hype and game better.
Do i think games in general should try it?
Hell no! if you get that 1 perfect combo of artist, genre and game you will have ruined 100 games before it trying to figure out the right combination.

Me and my go-to army of two partner will play Army of Two: The Devils Cartel on release, good or not, for the brofists and laughs with some snacks and a few beers.

This series is what i would call "the game of bro's" lets hope the newest addition chestbumps its predecessors in a similar manner.

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