Tuesday, April 16, 2013

News: Defiance show premiere!

Normally TV-news would not be featured on this site. However, this is not just any TV-series, it is a companion series to the MMOTPS (massively multiplayer online third person shooter) game Defiance. 

It will include crossovers and allow players to experience key moments from the TV-series from a different perspective. So with the launch of the series begins the Defiance in-game narrative.

New episodic content will be released whenever a new episode airs on TV every week, or at least that is the ambition of this project. If it is achievable remains to be seen. 

One of the worries one can think of is what will happen to the game when the TV-series goes off season for six months. We can only speculate, but we suspect Trion Worlds have things under control.

Defiance - the game - has been released to a pretty luke warm reception, but like other games in the genre knows, a succsessful MMO always starts out mediocre. It's like a blank sheet of paper - ever evolving.

GameViews decided early on that it would not review Defiance, because we believe that this game is only 5-10% complete because of its grandiose undertaking of building on the game every week.

Many reviews say Defiance has 'potential' or that the story could be better. Well, MMO's always have potential because they continuously grow. The 'story could be better' because Defiance has not even released half of it's story.

The positive things in reviews are mostly that the gameplay is fun and addictive, so in other words: What you can review now is fun and addictive, bu you really can't review now because you've only got a teaser so far that has 'potential'.

Maybe GameViews will review Defiance one day, but it will not be before the first season of the TV-show ends. Doing so now would be like watching an olympic running event and reviewing Canada's performance before they even gain momentum.

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