Tuesday, April 9, 2013

News: Halo week: drop shock

This week there will be new Halo 4 content every day! 

Monday, 313 Industries releases the 'Castle map pack' on xbox live, introducing the new Competitive skill rank (CSR), a level 1 - 50 ranking system for 'War Games', it will make sure to match you with other players around your own skill range. Your CSR will be visible on your Halo Waypoint player profile. If you manage to reach level 35 or higher between the dates 04.08 - 04.22 you will recieve an exclusive Avatar tee.
The map pack contains three medium/large maps that focuses on vehicular combat in large open areas.

Today, Tuesday, the 'Halo 4 original soundtrack volume 2' debuts, after the success of Award winning producer and composer Neil Davidge's 'halo 4 original soundtrack', 313 industries along with 7Hz Productions will be releasing 'Halo 4 original soundtrack volume 2'. Xbox twitter are giving away a limited number of download codes in honour of the release.

Wednesday will come with Extra XP challenges throughout 'Halo Week' allowing you to rank up faster with 14 daily and six weekly challenges. These challenges can be completed in 'War games', 'Spartan Ops' and the Campaign. You can find challenge details on www.halowaypoint.com

Thursday there will be a 'Spartan Ops' giveaway chance, by playing through any five missions in 'Spartan Ops', either alone or with up to three friends between April 11th, 10:00 a.m. GMT and april 12th, 10:00 GMT, and you will recieve an exclusive Avatar tee. Fans can also replay season one missions as the entire season begins again, starting with the first episode, during 'Halo Week'

To round up the week, that Friday will there be a 'Halo 4 DLC' sale for those that haven't bought the 'Halo 4 War Games Map Pass' or the first two map packs. There's going to be a 25% discount on the 'Halo 4 War Games Map Pass', making it 1600 Microsoft points, 25% discount on the 'Crimson map Pack' - 600 Microsoft points and finally a 25% discount on the 'Majestic Map Pack' - 600 Microsoft points.

You can find more details on 'Halo Week: Drop Shock' on www.halowaypoint.com

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