Wednesday, April 10, 2013

News: New DC Universe Online DLC

Today Sonly Online Entertainment announced the next DLC for DC Universe Online, 'Origin crisis'. This will be the seventh DLC and comes with new high level multiplayer and solo adventures, the DLC pack features a story chapter revolving around time travelling and exploring new alternate realities. 

Creative director of DC Universe Online, Jens Andersen had this to say in his press release; "It is really interesting to explore 'what if' scenarios, and we cannot wait for our players to experience the twists Origin Crisis will introduce to the story in DC Universe Online. In this DLC, players will travel through time to play out alternate histories and futures. What would happen to Metropolis if Superman worked for Lex Luthor? What if Bruce Wayne became an evil assassin instead of a vigilante? These are the stories and realities that the players will experience and influence." 

Legendary members of DC Universe Online will get this DLC for free, and it will be available to free and premium users via Playstation Network, the in-game marketplace or if you are on PC, visit

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