Friday, April 12, 2013

News: New 'Dishonored: Knife of Dunwall' DLC trailer

many are looking forward to this upcoming DLC from the critically acclaimed 'Dishonored', it's getting alot of good feedback from previews and such. Today they released a trailer to tease a little more,

In the DLC players will experience playing as the master assassin Daud, the man responsible for killing the empress and framing Corvo in the main game. It looks from the trailer that that scene will either be a cinematic or a playable level in this DLC.

The story is about Daud trying to redeem himself for his actions in the game. He carries alot of the same weapons and abilities that Corvo had, but he has some added stuff, like a zap trap and a gas grenade. 

He has the ability to call his assassins to help him in combat and a whole new pre-mission system where he can ask 'favors'. In other words he can bribe people to change the way missions play out, like an open door or ammo\health left at specified locations. 

The 'Knife of Dunwall' DLC will be out April 16th for $9.99.

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