Friday, April 12, 2013

News: New playable character class revealed in Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter

The highly sought after upcoming free-to-play mmorpg Dungeon & Dragons: Neverwinter has revealed yet another playable class in the game; the Great Weapon Fighter. 

"The Great Weapon Fighter uses no tricks or illusions in combat, only the sharpest two-handed weapon to end an encounter. With a never-ending thirst for combat, the Great Weapon Fighter charges into battle at any given opportunity, even recklessly so at times. 

Similar to other classes like the Trickster Rogue or Guardian Fighter the timing of your attacks are essential for any combat situation. To initiate combat, veterans can lead with Avalanche of Steel or Mighty Leap. 

Combined with Takedown and Slam, the fighter can slow and keep enemies on the ground with ease. And with incredible closing speed, elite warriors can adventageously use sprint, by holding the shift key to close the gap on enemies attempting to escape. 

Used in combination with finishing abilities like Punishing Charge or Come and Get It, enemies do not stand a chance while this class is on the hunt."

This class seems to be a sort of skirmisher, initiater, tank kind of class, maybe an easy solo class or a class for beginners of the game since it has decent crowd control and engage/disengage. 

This Barbarian looking badass will be available for 'Founder' members at the fourth beta weekend starting today (April 12th) and for the rest of the community when the open beta hits the 30th April.

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