Thursday, May 2, 2013

Info: Dead Island review redacted

So i have been getting some complaints on my recent Dead Island Riptide review, so I went back and tried to see it from a different point of view and I can see why so many reacted. It is a poorly written review and I clearly did not spend enough time with it.

After having played the game some more I feel comfortable to say I was wrong and I should not have rushed the review. The reason I did so in the first place was because I run a one-man operation, though I do have some friends who help me out, I'm the only one playing and writing at the moment. 

So when Dead Island Riptide came out I was pretty swamped and I had to play through the original to freshen up for the review, I think I just got fatigued with the game from the first one. So even though i still think some of my points were valid, I still feel like I unnecessarily over-critiqued the game and i officially redact my previous score. 

I let myself and my readers down and I will never rush a review or overburden myself with too many reviews at once again. So with that I extend an apology to my readers as well as Deep Silver and Techland.

I would also like to thank my friends for pointing this out to me, I have a very finish-one-thing-instantly-move-on-to-next-project mindset. And a special thanks to my friend the Waffle for posting everything I do on social media sites and relaying comments and messages to me.

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