Monday, May 20, 2013

News: weekend news round-up

So, after a long weekend off, we're back to bring you selected news and comments, and of course our love of screenshots that we may have missed. 

First off we'd like to mention "Atomic ninja", a newly announced Playstation Vita action platform game coming out of the Czech, privately owned developer and publisher, Grip games. 

Neocore games has released a new trailers for their upcoming title "The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing" called Hunter's Lair the trailer shows a "Orc's Must Die" type of trap-em-up, as well as your basic home base hub.

Tecmo Koei has shown some new characters for Dynasty Warriors 8: the Jin dynasty. There are so many screenshots that it would be way too much to post, as  it would literally fill the page. 

A new Infinite Crisis profile video has surfaced showing "Gaslight Joker" who fills a tank/dps role on a team. He scales off hp and hp regen so going pure tank will probably be the norm.

Other videos out this past 3 days also include a Diablo 3 video on working with Sony for the Playstation 3 release, and Resident Evil: Revelations developer diary "Mystery".

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