Sunday, June 9, 2013

Editorial - E3: 5 things to do and not to do


What to do:

1: Keep the momentum going after their PS4 reveal, that reveal was all about games, games, games, don't drudge down the E3 press conference with too much technical mumbo jumbo or showing us how fast we can change the channel for five minutes... oh wait

2: Show the box! It's pretty given that this will happen with the reveal teaser released and everything. still, just making sure: show it!

3: Address the issues Microsoft are facing and if you are doing some of the same things, give us the bad news then games, games, games!

4: Kevin Butler on stage!

5: End the conference with a bang, like a huge surprise, and it would be nice if it was about the console and not just a new game or IP. example: Playstation plus v 2.0 reworked with new benefits. or the actual price of the console.

What not to do:

1: Don't show the box.

2: Trophies will not carry over. Just bad.

3: show all the multimedia features of the box for like an hour or more, we get it, there's new stuff in it that you need to show, but keep it short please, this has been earmarked as a gamer's console. And we still know it will be a great multimedia machine, we got a PS3, the PS4 is an upgrade, so remember, an icon can do the same job in less than a second.

4: Always on = Always NO! just, don't do it ok, please?!?

5: Don't focus too much on move. if there's a huge upgrade to it, go ahead and show that, we know what it is, and we know what it does unless you have something new to show.

Bonus: Do. Not. Forget. The. Vita!


1: Hold a press conference. A lot of people say it's good of them not to hold one to come between the 'giants' Sony and Microsoft. And at some points i can agree, Nintendo don't really hold the same audience anymore, but not keeping a presence at E3 shows a lack of confidence and an overconfidence in Nintendo direct. Even without the hardcore audience your customers are nervous about their Wii u purchase and were waiting for E3 and some great game reveals to solidify their confidence in you.


What to do:

1: Apologize. I know that it would be a big pill to swallow, but recognize that the gaming community in general saw the X1 release as a failure. We know, it was never meant to show games, but neither did you show a games console, for instance, another site, let's call them "EGN" (please don't sue me!) said "even if they didn't show any games it doesn't mean there wont be games for X1, they're not taking anything away from the console" and I call BS on that, of course we know the games will be there, but show a tech demo or something! you had 0 in game footage, 0 graphical demonstrations, 0 outside-game features other than change the channel to watch TV. So for your core audience all you revealed was the design of the box and a whole bunch of bad news.

2: Get Gabe Newell on stage, cant help but love that guy.

3: Show the 'cool side' of Kinect. We know this conference could almost be called the Kinect conference, since it's integral to the whole system. I'll tell you a secret: nobody wants Kinect, we got burned on X360, it's inaccurate, laggy and prone to glitches, you have yet to prove it's worth, do it now in this year's E3.

4: Show off this 'upgraded achievement system'

5: Reveal the price. i talk more about this in my 'not to do'

What not to do:

1: don't estrange the larger part of your consumer base: Everywhere in the world other than the United States. What do I mean? well let's say the console costs $400 USD, that's about 2300 NOK (Norwegian krona) however, since we live in Europe, and only because we live in Europe the console would cost 400€. I realize it looks nice on paper $400 and 400€. but the price just went up for Europeans from 2300 NOK to about 3000 NOK. that is a considerable leap. that's one whole game plus 100 NOK more. Normally this would be fine because we're used to it, but we only get half the console, remember all those things you were so proud to show on your reveal conference? Well we cant use any of that, voice commands will probably not be localized either, not that English is a problem for most of us, however we do feel silly A: talking to our TV B: even more so doing it in a foreign language. So we should pay 25% more than the U.S. for half the features? I'd say 300€ sounds about right this time (2300 NOK, same price as U.S.). and then we wont mind if you raise the price a bit on your monthly fee or sale price Once you get all the features on our consoles as well!

2: Leave the whole 'One box to rule them all' concept out of this, we got it the first time, we will forever be reminded by the name of the box. We don't need any more.

3: keep talking about other things than games and game features on the box to an absolute minimum.

4: no fake tattoo reveals please, only real tattoo

5: don't try to 'explain' your press release to us, we're not idiots, you're trying to kill used games by 'letting publishers decide', the console requires online connection to work, even if it is once every 24 hours, that still requires an online connection. And the kinect will always be watching us as long as the console is on standby. these are not good things. but at least we know them.

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