Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Review - Microsoft E3 Press Conference


Microsoft came out and delivered as promised, a whole bunch of games and gameplay. Standout moments include Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, Witcher 3, Project Spark, Killer Instinct and Halo 5, and a ton of in engine or in game gameplay, even though some were obviously pre-recorded Microsoft came out and gave us what we wanted. Saying Microsoft had a bad conference would be far from true, did they have the best? That's open for discussion.

One thing that was a trend throughout all conferences was technical issues, absolutely everyone had something happen, in Microsoft's case there were audio issues, no more apparent than in their Crimson Dragon trailer and beginning of the Battlefield 4 trailer where there was no sound at all. 

The problem with Microsoft's press conference is that their consumers are worried, and they never addressed the issues people are still unsure about. Xbox One is littered with limitations and restrictions that encumber the system and the consumer, with required online connection at least once every 24 hours, ONLY to check if you bought something new to lock it to your profile. The online connection has no benefits for the user at all. The complicated way to share your games or trade it in, also for no benefit of the consumer and ONLY for Microsoft. This is a give and give relationship Microsoft, we give you money, you give us what we pay for, not you 'allow' us to use what you sold us. 

Finally the price, there has always been a $100 = €100 or $300 = €300, and we'we always accepted that, but now its time to break the mold Microsoft. $500 sounds like a fair starting price, it's a pretty heavy machine with loads of features, however, it's not localized, meaning most of the world will have to struggle with their broken English to use the voice commands. The TV features are obsolete and unusable for anyone outside of the U.S.A. although U.K. usually catch up to those features rather quick, as they have on the ps3, but most of us will never, ever have any use of any of those features. So we should pay more for a machine even though we can only use about 50% of the features on it (really all we can do is use voice commands and twitch... oh and games). €500 is not the same as $500, its actually around $700. 

How is that fair? How can you justify this? I have never felt less cared about as part of a nation and part of a continent before, do you assume we pay you anything for a machine we can barely use and games we cant ever sell? 

All info about the machine, price and restrictions I give a 0/5 mostly because they never address it. But put that aside and we're talking only about the games, then I give the show a 4/5

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