Friday, April 5, 2013

Death Of A Handheld?

What kind of impression does the general public have of the Playstation Vita these days. Do we really need it? Has it been abandoned? The Nintendo 3DS arguably gives the handheld market all it needs for now, so is the Playstation Vita obsolete so quickly in it's life cycle?

Since launch just over a year ago, it has been a rocky road for the little powerful handheld. With games like Persona 4 Golden, Dead or Alive 5 Plus, Little Big Planet Vita, Gravity Rush and a few others highlights, many would say there are not enough games for PS Vita. In fact, there are many games for it, there's just a lack of triple A titles.

Most of the great games on Vita are ports, from other releases. The console started off with such a momentum, perhaps that is what made us all expect more and faster. So the question I would like to pose; is there a reason to hang on to your Vita?

Yes, I do believe so, there are still a few exciting games on the horizon, the remote play functionality on the upcoming Playstation 4. Games like Soul Sacrifice, Killzone Mercenaries, or how about Warrior's Lair, a isometric view diablo-esque loot driven dungeon crawler?

Some would say it's a used genre that does'nt need more games, I would disagree. Personally I would say it's an unexplored genre that seems like a great fit for a handheld. It is time consuming, but you can play it in short bursts over a long period of time, every time you boot it up you will have a little more loot and better gear because of earlier sittings. Imagine how often you'd play Tiny Wings, but every time you start it has better armor, bigger wings and a badass battle axe. You know, because that is what a little bird really wants...

Honestly I think there is a lot to look forward to on the Vita. One could say it's quiet before the storm as E3 is right around the corner and there is no reason to announce new games now when you can get the attention of a much greater audience in a few weeks. Although I'm sure Sony's major focus will be on the Playstation 4, I sincerely hope there will be announcements of new games and reasons to be excited for this holiday season for all handheld enthusiasts out there.

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