Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Review - Nintendo Direct E3


Well instead of pulling out all the stops and doing a big press conference, for the first time since  the first E3 back in 1995 Nintendo has opted to do their own thing with a Nintendo Direct. 

So for the games revealed, we got a new Mario, and it looks fantastic and I cant wait to try it out. Pokemon X and Pokemon Y was shown, though I have to admit, I am a little skeptical towards the new graphical design, but we'll see when it's out.

Mario Kart 8 looks very interesting, with the anti gravity feature opening up many, many possibilities for hidden paths, shortcuts, gameplay in general, so it's very exciting to see what they come up with, Nintendo might not be 'hardcore' but they know how to make fun games.

I dont really have an opinion on Wii Party U, it feels redundant and unnecessary when you already have a popular and widely loved franchise in Mario Party, I would much rather see my Mii playing alongside Mario and gang as a feature in Mario Party. We also dont want a new attempt at Wii sports. Wii sports sold as much as it did because it was free/bundled, it never had much to offer besides bowling.

Monolith Soft's X looks interesting, like a mix of JRPG and third person action game in a huge open world, the way it look brings to mind Monster Hunter. Also Bayonetta now has short hair? Well, that's interesting, considering her clothes are made of her hair that seamlessly blended together below her shoulders in the first game, but she still uses her hair for spells, including the hair covering her body. So that brings me to two possibilities; 1. She is dressed in dead hair that will wither and probably smell pretty bad. 2. the hair comes from somewhere else on her body and someone needs to give her some basic grooming tips.

Rounding up the pièce de résistance, Nintendo announced a brand new Super Smash Bros for both Wii U and 3DS, out smoe time 2014. It's not a new melee, but it introduces a couple of new characters, first is the Animal Crossing 'Villager' who looks quirky and has hard to predict abilities. Second, with one of the coolest reveal videos I have ever seen was MegaMan, I know, finally right, he looks like a short and long range brawler with the ability to change his main attacks just like in the game.

All in all a fairly well put together video, we can only hope that next year we get a full press conference with more gameplay and live demo's. And finally, Nintendo, when is the Vitality Sensor coming out!?!

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