Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Review - Sony E3 Press conference


So once again Jack Tretton takes the stage and start off the conference, talking about PS3 and Playstation Vita, promising more than 85 titles, big, small and indie before the end of the year, including some remakes like God of War 1 & 2 HD (so we get to buy these for a third time) and Final Fantasy X & X-2. 

The show starts off a little slow, but whoever planned this conference needs to get a raise, they quickly finish with trailers and info on Vita, Ps3, GTA 5 bundles and, well, everything not PS4. And before you know it Andrew House takes the stage and introduces the PS4 design. It looks good, but it also looks kind of safe, like , there's no groundbreaking design here, its a rectangular box, tilted backwards, but it still looks good, so, cant complain really.

Naturally since they left it out at the reveal, they have to go through features, and what the Playstation 4 can do, remember, Microsoft used 45 minutes of their 1 hour press conference to do this, so we expected to sit through alot of tedious talking, wich is fine normally but at this point it was about 3:30 AM here so I was kind of tired. Less than 10 minutes later, not only did they finish, not only are they starting demo reels of games, but they straight up announce a first part brand new IP.

Now at this point, all competitors should be sitting upright front and center taking notes, because now it's becoming clear that this press conference will be one to remember. And what a show it was, where Microsoft showed games, games, games, Sony showed gameplay, gameplay, gameplay, and i might be wrong here, but it felt like more games altogether. Sony came out, saw an opportunity, and it felt like, since their press conference was delayed, that they revealed more than was originally intended to really establish dominance this generation.

Shuhei Yoshida might be the most adorable presenter known to man. And the line of Indie developers playing their games as they're being introduced was a great touch that some might not catch, but they showed you eight games, running on Playstation 4, live in only five minutes. the variation, pacing, presenting, timing, this press conference was nigh on perfect, so congratulations on that Sony.

Highlight games in the show were The Order (1886?) which looks like a steampunk olden London third person shooter, kind of like Damnation, only hopefully, good. And god help me, Knack looks pretty beast, speaking of February reveals, compliments to Sony for Blasting through those in quick succession, moving on to new reveals and more gameplay of the game's able to show it. 

Final Fantasy XV looks great, as a Final Fantasy fan i will endlessly support the franchise, ever hoping for a new blockbuster like Final Fantasy VII, but this one looks seriously good. Kingdom Hearts 3 had me jumping out of my seat, with what looked like scripted, in-engine gameplay. I guess we all kind of saw it coming, but the reveal was fantastic all the same.

Favorite part of the conference was Jack Tretton's speech completely devastating Xbox One, after the show Microsoft commented that they did not compare consoles or press conferences because their's was a machine for the future while Sony's console was for right now. Well with all the restrictions on X1 It feels more like the console of the past, making the same mistakes Sony did with PS3, just 10 times worse, PS3's only mistake was taking too much focus off games and making a media machine with expensive hardware, making the price ludicrously high, but never limited or restricted. X1 is like a remote control with 10 buttons, but you can only press 5 once and they're locked forever. 

Overall, great show, masterfully executed, the Assassins creed freeze is natural with an unfinished game on an unfinished console. Paying less than $5 a month for online is reasonable and it comes with so much content you get your money back literally the first day you pay, and it also comes with Jack Tretton's promise that it will help improve online down the road, so we all benefit individually and as a whole. Microsoft will have to seriously rethink their strategy, although I don't think that is feasible at this point if they're to make a November release window. It just might be in their best interest to postpone the release until early 2014 with a new strategy, but hey, what do i know. Good luck to both companies and i look forward to both of their releases.

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