Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Review - Ubisoft Entertainment E3 Press conference


Ubisoft had a great showing this year as well, Starting off strong with Jerry Cantrell (Alice In Chains) on stage jamming with some Rocksmith. And love her or hate her, I personally love her, Aisha Tyler hosting the whole conference in a #Girlwood shirt referring to her E3 2012 comment that she "get girl wood for games" you go girl. They showed a bunch of games and I'll do a quick run through of all of them, so let's go.

Splinter Cell Blacklist, There's not much to talk about here, they showed very, very little, but let you hear a whole lot of cuts from the story, apparently Sam has to work with a woman he doesn't want to because nobody works better with him than her...whatever that means. The star here is the Spies VS Mercs multiplayer mode, innovative and looks very fun.

Rayman Legends continues the style of play from Rayman Origins, a well made and challenging platformer with crisp controls.

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot showed a hilarious cgi trailer describing how the game would be, you have to defend your own castle as well as attack others for loot. I'm not sure, we'll just have to wait until we see more, looks fun though.

South Park Stick of Truth appears as funny as ever, they didn't really show much new stuff here, mostly Cartman appearing and callign a release date for "the holiday season 2013 or, you know, some holiday season, you know how video games are" #Nagasakifart

The Crew looks like a very interesting racer, it gives off a strong Burnout Paradise vibe, just a lot bigger and better, with a huge open world, actually the entire U.S. it seems, and the ability to go anywhere to explore offroad and on.

Watch Dogs is Watch Dogs, they've showed this so many times that you can find a trailer or some gameplay anywhere, it looks good, and i cant wait to review it when it comes out.

Just Dance 2014, I'm not much of a dancer myself, but now you can change the song mid dance. And the use of the Wii U tablet looks really fun in a party setting.

Rabbids Invasion, not really sure what I'm expecting from this, I've never been a huge Rabbids fan, but I'll definitely have my 7 Year old son help me review the game.

Assassins Creed Black Flag, To be honest, back when this was first revealed I thought this was the weakest of the series, to me pirates seems like a run down niche by now, but the more I see from this, the more excited I get, mostly because it looks absolutely astounding, so beautiful on the next gen consoles...Even if it did freeze during Sony's gameplay footage. But stuff like that can happen, there's a reason the game is not out yet, it's an unfinished game playing on an unfinished console, what's important is that it proved it was not pre-recorded, but actual live demonstration of a next gen game, something we can all appreciate.

Trials Fusion and Trials Frontier, finally a new Trials game, even with Trials HD seemingly infinite possibilities in its creative mode where people have made completely different games with the motocross engine, I saw a mini golf game made from Trials HD today as a matter of fact, right here. So I cant wait to see what comes out of Trials Fusion. Trials Frontier is a Trials game for mobile devices. Also this trailer had my number one pick for best song in this year's E3 press conferences: Anonymous FT. Taz - Look at me

The Division, now this looks REALLY interesting, a third person mmo shooter, absolutely amazing looking and seems really fun as well, also #MONEY! A 10 minute gameplay trailer followed where the guy, when moving in cover behind a car closed its door! he closed the door!

They followed up with a Q & A post show, taking questions on twitter and having all the presenters answer questions about their respective game. All in all a terrific conference, entertaining, cool reveals, great pacing, some quirky but funny humor. Good job Ubisoft!

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